Making the Earth better for the Rupertos of the world.

When Ruperto Franklin was created there was one commitment kept in mind: As the brand grows, our charitable contributions grow with us. We are dedicated to making the world bettor for all animals by contributing to the sustainability of animal rights with every purchase. Simple. Every purchase = 10 % of profits donated to charity. Animal shelter, wildlife conservation, sanctuary, or preservation fund. Your choice at checkout.

The story started at Ruperto and now it’s moving on. Our Partners:

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Road To Refuge Animal Sanctuary, located in North Haven, CT, is not your average animal rescue. They are dedicated solely to helping farm animals in need. Road to Refuge is committed to removing farm animals from toxic and/or desperate situations as well as saving animals from slaughter. They place them at Road to Refuge, quarantine if required, and tend to all medical needs (including mental and physical rehabilitation and socialization). When the animal is determined healthy and stable, the sanctuary will place them with approved adopters or they will remain at Road To Refuge to live out their lives. Learn more here.


The mission of Paws 2 Care Coalition, located in Hollywood, Florida, is to save the lives of abandoned, neglected and homeless pets in South Florida. Each year, more than 30,000 abandoned pets are destroyed in South Florida. Many would have been loving members of a family if only they'd found a home. Paws 2 Care Coalition reduces the senseless killing of these loving pets by protecting, rescuing, and offering medical care to abandoned, neglected and homeless pets. They promote spaying and neutering, and pet adoption as better alternatives to breeding and shopping. They are painstaking in their approach to adoption by interviewing  adopters and performing home visits when possible to ensure pets are going to loving and healthy homes. Learn more here.
Paws Care 2 Coalition Ruperto Collage


Paws Give Me Purpose Incorporated, located in Southern New Jersey, is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, caring for and providing sanctuary to difficult to adopt dogs. They believe all dogs deserve a second chance at life – especially seniors, those with physical disabilities, terminal illness, behavioral issues, have been abused and need someone to care for, love, and understand them. Paws Gives Me Purpose are strictly a volunteer-run organization and all donations go directly towards the care of the Paws Give Me Purpose Sanctuary residents. Unlike other rescues, directors and board members never have and never will take a salary. Learn more here.

Paws Give Me Purpose Ruperto

Pawrtner With Us. 

Are you a shelter, nonprofit, conservation or preservation fund? We are looking for organizations dedicated to helping animals, animal rights and homes, and at-risk species to partner with! Get in touch with us here.